The Axxus Institute has the only CRP (Collaborative Rapid Processing) survey platform of Latin America to carry out surveys of small or large coverage as needed. Our institute is the only one to utilize mobilization technology of collaborative networks throughout brazilian territory.

We conducted regional surveys and surveys throughout Brazil in an rapid and precise form. Under the coordination of Prof. Rodnei Domingues a specialist who has over twenty years of experience in applied surveys management and business, we offer the best solutions in surveys with the best cost benefit.

Types of Surveys:

- Opinion Surey;

- Survey to investigate consumer behavior, preferences and expectations.

- Market Trend Survey

- Investigative Survey to diagnose and identify the causes that hinder the growth of certain business.

- Research and Feasibility Study to determin commercial locations.

- Focus Groups

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Latest Surveys in 2016:

- Factors that influence the consumer to choose a pharmacy that will affect their purchases.

- Why some pharmacies did better than others in the period 2013-2015.

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